Szklarska Poręba, a town in Lower Silesian Voivodeship, by the Kamienna river, at the border between Karkonosze and Jizera mountains. 8.2 thousand of inhabitants (2000).

History: circa 1366 at this place was founded the oldest glass factory in Silesia. In 1841 lead glass factory was opened here under the name of Julia (then Josephine). Around the factory arose a village, which in the middle of XIX century transformed into tourism and relaxation center. Town privileges from 1959. From 1947 to 1970 in Szklarska Poręba lived and painted painter V. Hofman. Szklarska Poręba is located in the south-western Poland, at the confluence of Polish, German and Czech borders, in Karkonosze and Jizera range, in Jelenia Góra county. Our town lies at the foot of Szrenica mountain (1362 m above the sea level). It is the best managed winter sports center in Poland. Town is located at the height of 440-886 meters above the sea level. It borders directly with Czech Republic (Jakuszyce border checkpoint). Touristic values and advantageous localization in the neighborhood of large Central European cities: Prague (139km), Vienna (circa 400km), Wrocław (140km); all of these cities have international airport; vicinity of borders between Poland and Czech Republic and Germany. It makes Szklarska Poręba attractive place in  terms of tourism and economy. Szklarska Poręba is recognized as one of the best touristic resorts in Poland. Existing relaxation values allow tourists to have active recreation not only during the ski season, but practically during the whole year.

There are few recreational places in Poland like Szklarska Poręba. Silence, constantly changing landscapes, depending on the daytime or light, combined with sough of crystal currents and waterfalls surrounded by granite rocks - those are the elements that influence human nature by calming it.

Perfect place for trips to nearby resorts in Czech Karkonosze thanks to several border checkpoints (pedestrian or for cars) - reaching up to the golden Prague.

Szklarska Poręba owns the name of one of the most important cross-country skiing center. In Jakuszyce, within Szklarska Poręba borders, snow covers the ground until the end of the spring. Cross-country skiing routes, with total length of 100km, after the winter season serve as ways for cycling, because wandering in mountains by bicycle becomes more popular.
Possibility of mountain climbing, horse-back riding in the forests and searching for minerals.

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